6 Lesser-Known Destinations To Visit In Dubai In 2021

Dubai is well-known for its architectural marvels and activities. It provides a luxurious lifestyle that you can only imagine. While those who live here permanently try to get residential units in JBR, Burj Khalifa, or District one villas for sale in Dubai to live in luxury, but those who visit for a short time can also find it to be a part of paradise.

Apart from all the massively popular tourist destinations, there are some quiet but tempting sights in Dubai that should be at the top of your list for your next visit to one of the world’s most major attractions. In the guide below, we have shed some light on the six lesser-known destinations to visit in 2021.

Wafi Light And Sound Show

The show’s spectacular blend of amusing visuals and coordinated music based on the theme, Returning of Pharoah, will dazzle audiences. The illumination is displayed onto the Wafi Mall’s defining features, which include pyramids and other Egyptian-inspired architecture. Apart from a brief interval each year, the show generally occurs every day at Khan Murjan Souk’s mall entrance. It is completely free to see.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart has built a reputation in a city brimming with opulent shopping malls by bringing together the largest number of Chinese trade firms outside of mainland China under one ceiling. The structure is shaped like a powerful dragon and houses over 4000 stores selling everything from furniture to appliances to decorations. The center first opened its doors in 2004, and plans for further development have recently been announced. The enlarged area will include a theatre, a restaurant, and several new stalls. Dragon Mart is a place where you can bargain a lot and it’s safe to say it’s one of the few malls in Dubai that won’t empty your wallet.

Emirates Kart Zone

Almost everyone has challenged our friends to a kart race; if you haven’t, you should do so in the Emirates’ Kart Zone and defeat them in your very own mini Grand Prix, or just enjoy the sensation of riding in a nice kart and having a good time. The Emirates Kart Zone is located in the Sports Club Al Wasl, just 7 minutes away from Dubai Mall.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk

It’s a 2-mile walk across the beach and one of Dubai’s busiest tourist attractions. It offers a diverse range of shopping options, from high-end brands to jewelry and craft stores, as well as open-air dining and regular street fun activities. This is also a great spot for a relaxing stroll along the waterfront, which is made even better by the mild winds from the Arabian Gulf. Tourists are more likely to come after dark as the temperature at night is not very humid. Another feature of the walk is the open-air cinema, which runs for one week each year and shows the best films in a perfect environment.

Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is a chain of lined alleys with several jewelry stores selling a gold, silver, diamond, and other gems. A visit to the Gold Souk is a unique experience even if you are not here to buy anything, you can stroll around the alleys of this gold souk and enjoy the environment that this place holds. Due to various mandatory government laws, the products are authentic, so you must bargain for the best price because souk suppliers are notorious for their high prices.

Miracle Garden

The name speaks for itself. In the middle of the deserts, the Emiratis cultivate a serene display of more than 45 million flowers of about 60 different variations each year. The gardens feature a giant clock, a replica of the Burj Khalifa, and tunnels, in addition to the spectacular flowers that have been harvested for the first time in the Gulf Area. Due to the hot summers, the Miracle Garden only opens to the public to up to 1 million visitors per year during the winter. If water conservation is a priority, the flowers are watered by the drainage system, which recycles wastewater.

Dubai has many of those hidden wonders which, owing to the incredible number of well-published tourism hotspots, cannot be part of the tourism trip. We believe that this guide will assist you in discovering areas that are not readily apparent to the average tourist. If you want to live in Dubai permanently and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, look for Villas for sale in Dubai.