Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – An Overview of Jewish Studies and Education

Harvey Shapiro is a Clinical Professor from Boston and the author of the book Educational Theory and Jewish Studies in Conversation: From Volozhim to Buczacz. In his book, he has given everyone an insight into modern Jewish studies and its contemporary theory on education. In addition, he has explored these two unique study fields in his book to discover new frameworks when it comes to their theoretical interaction.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – His analysis of Jewish Education

Professor Harvey Shapiro is currently a Faculty member of the Northeastern University at the Department of Education. He teaches courses based on assessment and curriculum design. He recently was a peer reviewer for Teachers College Record and Studies in Philosophy and Education. He is a member of the Philosophy of Education Society, the Network of Research in Jewish Education, and the American Educational Research Association. He is a member of the Jewish Studies Executive Committee and is a co-chair of the Department of Education’s Curriculum Committee.

In the chapters of his book, he has made an aim to display an alternative to what several individuals perceive about interdisciplinary. He looks into the several connections between professional education and humanities to make room for diverse discourses to be clarified and challenged.

Higher education and opportunities

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University is an esteemed name in the USA. Students from all over the nation come to study academic courses here. However, Harvey Shapiro explains in his book that in higher education, there are several lost opportunities present for inter discursive engagement in Jewish education and studies, with most of these studies serving less of an interaction and more of a parallel.

He adds that recent studies have brought together Jewish education and studies. Thanks to them, opportunities are being created for scholars to go deeper into the goals of this relationship. With his book, he has made an attempt to go further into the inter discursivity in these two fields.

Delves into the observations of 20th Century Thinkers

He has also made suggestions about the conceptions that have been derived from the philosophies of Michael Oakeshott, Justus Buchler, and John Dewey. These three thinkers from the 20th century were popular to have a keen interest in the studies of both theory and practice, discourses in the liberal arts and education as to how they relate to one another. He says these thinkers, with their conceptions, would dispute the separation of professional education and the liberal arts with success.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University has an excellent and well-trained faculty to skilfully guide students on all the courses they enroll for here. As a result, students perform well, and several of them have made a successful name for themselves in the nation. Harvey Shapiro studied Jewish history and Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He completed his graduation with BA in history from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Besides being an educator and a popular academician, he is an ardent admirer and regular practitioner of Iyengar Yoga. He enjoys physical activities like basketball and hiking. In addition, he enjoys spending quality time with his three sons, their wives, and two grandsons. His academic interests lie in education, literary theory, Hebrew literature, and politics. He is also fluent in the Hebrew language.