What is working in Dubai like for women?


Dubai is not only famous for luxurious and mesmerising real estates like District One Villas Dubai, but it is also getting attention for the opportunities available. With its strategic position and a safe, tax-free climate, it is no wonder that Dubai has become a successful destination for ambitious men and women who want to expand their careers. If you’re a woman planning to enter a company or take up a job offer in the Emirates, you may be concerned about what to expect when it comes to professional women’s lives in Dubai. Before you make the decision, you might like to have a view of the situation in Dubai.

This blog sheds more light on what it’s like to be employed in Dubai as a woman and some of the special advantages that this city provides.

What is it like to work in Dubai for women?

With this blog, you’ll learn more about employed women’s lives in the region’s public and private sectors and female entrepreneurs and business owners in Dubai. Continue reading to know more about working women’s lives in Dubai regarding job prospects, security, women’s rights and childcare.


One of the most enticing reasons for working as a woman in Dubai is the region’s safe climate. The UAE has lately been listed among the safest places in the world, according to Numbeo’s report, while Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah ranked in the top ten cities with the lowest crime rate. Dubai is an ideal choice for women seeking to work and live in a healthy, family-friendly destination.

It’s convenient for women to travel across Dubai using both private and transit. Much of Dubai’s public transit services, such as the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and RTA Public Busses, have specific compartments or seats allocated for women only. There are also ‘pink’ female-driven taxis, which bring ease and safety to working women in Dubai.

Gender equality at the workplace

In 2018, the UAE Cabinet enacted a law that offered fair employment and pensions for men and women working in Dubai and other Emirates doing comparable jobs. It represents the emphasis put on women’s liberation and gender equity at the workplace.

While there are some cultural variations that you can imagine, expatriate women’s everyday life in Dubai is virtually the same as every other region. For example, women can drive in Dubai if they have a legal permit, as well as rent or own property in the city; however, freehold property ownership is restricted to specific areas if you are a non-GCC citizen.

As a working woman in Dubai, you can sponsor a residency visa for your children or partner, providing you with the required criteria.

Maternity leave and childcare

There are also clauses in the law for working mothers in Dubai and other Emirates. Under the UAE Labor Rule, female workers can earn 45 days of maternity leave, with full pay, after they have served a year of work. Employees with less than one year of experience will enjoy the same amount of days of maternity leave in the UAE, but with half pay.

If you are a mother, employed in Dubai is also made simpler because domestic support is readily accessible and inexpensive. You can hire maid services in Dubai at an affordable rate or employ a part-time maid or nanny through many companies.

Career opportunities for women

Women’s labour force in the UAE, and in particular in Dubai, is flourishing. According to the Dubai Women’s Establishment, women hold 66 per cent of public sector jobs, while 30 per cent are in senior management positions. In comparison, women account for 75% of the jobs in the education and health industries. There are also 23,000 Emirate business women whose ventures have a combined valuation of AED 50 billion.

When working as a woman in Dubai, you are likely to find openings through diverse private sector sectors, from banking to real estate, pharmacy, education and more.


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